In which ways does participation benefit me?
Participation in the TopTrack.D:DREAM programme will help you to focus on your objectives to participate in a D:DREAM team and on your objectives within that team. Through multiple assessment moments you will learn to reflect on your role in the team and you will be coached in documenting your work in the team. Furthermore, you will have the possibility to learn/improve (new) skills through the D:DREAM modules. And last but not least you will be rewarded with a document as proof of your participation in a DREAM team, which also documents your personal development within the year of participation.

How can I apply?
You can apply for the 2016 pilot by sending an e-mail to TopTrack.ddream@remove-this.tudelft.nl before Monday, February 29th 2016, 23:59 CET. This e-mail must contain your first and last name, student number, and the name of the team in which you participate. On Tuesday March 1st, you will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions for the kick-off document.

Can I participate more than one time?
No, the programme has been designed for one time participation. During the programme a student learns to formulate his own objectives and to reflect on the fulfilment of these objectives. Furthermore, the student is coached in reporting the work he did for his team. Successful completion of the TopTrack.D:DREAM programme means that a student has met these learning objectives. Participating more than one time in the TopTrack.D:DREAM programme therefore does not have any added value for a student and is therefore not supported.

Can I drop out without consequences?
Yes, it is possible to drop out of the TopTrack.D:DREAM programme, with no other consequences than that you will not get a document of participation. In case you decide to do so, you have to send an e-mail top TopTrack.ddream@remove-this.tudelft.nl at your earliest convenience, explaining the reason why you have decided to drop out.

How much time will it cost me?
It is estimated that a student will need between 16 and 32 hours to participate in the TopTrack.D:DREAM. This is time spent next to participation in modules and time spent on actual work in the team.

Is there a minimum time requirement?
Yes, overall the time invested by a student should be at least be equivalent to 20 ECTS, i.e. 560 hours.

I am already quite far with my project, can I still participate?
Yes, in the pilot year 2016 you can still apply for the TopTrack.D:DREAM programme.

My question is not mentioned here?
Please, send an e-mail to TopTrack.ddream@remove-this.tudelft.nl. The subject of your e-mail should read: “Question <Your question?>”.

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