TU Delft Solar Boat Team

The TU Delft Solar Boat Team designs and develops hydrofoil boats powered purely by solar energy. The hydrofoils lift the hull out of the water, decreasing water resistance drastically. As a result, the boats can reach astounding speeds using the same amount of power as two water boilers.

With these boats, the team competes in the biennial Dutch Solar Challenge, the world cup for solar powered boats. The next edition will be in July 2016. Around 50 teams from all over the world are expected to compete in this race which will have its prologue in Amsterdam and will then carry on to follow the old “Elfstedenroute” in Frisia.

Next to this, the team will compete in the Dutch Championships solar boat racing and the Ecorace Challenge in May, the Amsterdam Solar Boat Race in June and the Solar1 Cup in Monaco in July.

The TU Delft Solar Boat Team is completely run by students and changes its composition each year. Every two years, a new boat is designed and constructed while every other year, this boat is being improved to reach the optimal performance for its design. Good integration between previous and current teams will prevent the team form falling in the same trap multiple times.

The current team consists of 25 students from different faculties from the TU Delft. Nearly half of these students has put their degree on pause for a year to work on the solar boat full time.

In the end, the goal is to educate both theoretically and practically skilled engineers. The team also strives to show the possibilities with sustainable energy and bring technology to the next level by developing an innovative boat.

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