Photo: Ka-chun Lo

Photo: Proteus Paparazzi

RISE Delft

Rowing Innovation and Sports Engineering, RISE for short, is the TU Delft Dreamteam that deals with rowing. The team, founded in the summer of 2013 by the initiative of the TU Delft, aims to improve the technical aspects of a rowing shell in such way it will outclass conventional racing shells and promote innovation in the world of rowing. Our dream is to compete against other universities around the world with similar innovative rowing boats in our own competition.

RISE is a team of around 15 students with a broad range of backgrounds. We have students from Mechanical, Maritime and Aerospace engineering, but also from Industrial design and even International business administration. Because RISE focusses on rowing, most of our people are active as a rower.

In the end it is rowing as a sport that binds our team and drives us to do something that has never been done before. With our technical knowledge, combined with our drive to innovate we believe we can rise above the competition!

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