Photo: Hans-Peter van Velthoven

Photo: Hans-Peter van Velthoven

Nuon Solar Team

The aim of the Nuon Solar Team is showing the world the possibilities of high-end technology and sustainable energy.

This we want to accomplish by winning the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017. A race of 3000 kilometres through the outback of Australia from Darwin to Adelaide. Next year will be the ninth time we will participate in this race which we won six times so far! Before we participate in this race however, we will first race another race to test our Research and Development projects. Which race we will be going to in 2016 will be kept secret for a little while longer.

To be the fastest solar car during a race we work together with companies and our university to apply the newest technologies on Nuna. Without our partners it would simply be impossible to win a race.

The combination of high-end technology, sustainable energy and the excitement of the race illustrates the Nuon Solar Team’s vision perfectly: we race to show the current possibilities with high-end technology and inspire towards a sustainable future in which durable energy is used in the most efficient way. 

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