TopTrack.D:DREAM is an educational programme especially designed for student teams with a D:DREAM status. This programme is only open for DREAM team members who are also a TU Delft student. The objective of the TopTrack.D:DREAM is threefold, to:

1.       Assist teams by coaching their team members in completing their tasks and assisting them in the reporting of work done
2.       Offer team members an array of training possibilities throughout the year and to reward students with a document as proof of their participation in a D:DREAM team
3.       Showcase the added value of the D:DREAM Hall in the education of students and to involve sponsors in the D:DREAM Hall

The programme is centred around a final document which serves as proof of participation in a DREAM team. This document describes the modules a team member successfully completed, an assessment by the team of the student and a personal development plan (PDP).


D:DREAM modules are short courses targeting the specific needs of D:DREAM teams. There are two module categories:

1.       Management of a D:DREAM team
2.       Learning/Improving skills of team members

The first category deals with all the issues a small R&D company might encounter. The second categorie deals with specific skills of team members. Examples of modules in the second category would be a milling module or a FEM module. Succesful participation in modules is tracked via the registration system.

Team assessment

Team members participating in the TopTrack.D:DREAM are requested to keep a journal in which they keep track of the amount of time they spent in the team. The hours written has to be signed off by the team manager. Furthermore, the performance of a team member is assessed by the team. This assessment is combined with the personal development plan.

Personal development plan

Students who participate in the TopTrack.D:DREAM are required to draw up a personal development plan (PDP). The PDP consists of three phases, given in figure 1:

·  Kick-off
·  Mid-term review
·  Final review

The kick-off consists of a competence test and a report containing the motivation of the student and his objectives in the team. A student receives brief written feedback on his kick-off document. After the kick-off the team member starts with his work in the team until the moment of the mid-term review. In the mid-term report the student evaluates how well he is on track in achieving his objectives. This time the student also receives oral feedback from lecturers. After the mid-term review the team member continues with his work in the team. At the final review the team member hands in a reflective report on the achievement of his objectives and a paper in which he documents his work done in the team. The report and paper are reviewed by lecturers during an oral review session.

Figure 1: time line of personal development plan

The time at which the kick-off, mid-term review and final review take place is decided in consultation with each team.

Pilot 2016

This year TopTrack.D:DREAM is run as a pilot. The timeline therefore has been compressed, see figure 2. 

Figure 2: time line of personal development plan in 2016

Team members who want to participate in the TopTrack.D:DREAM pilot have to send an e-mail to before Monday, February 29th 2016, 23:59 CET. This e-mail must contain your first and last name, student number, and the name of the team in which you participate. On Tuesday March 1st, you will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions for the kick-off document



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