Sneak Peek WASUB VII

Still 13 days to go until the design presentation. Here you can see a sneak peek of the hull!

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Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing vlog

Every once in a while Forze posts a new vlog. Here you see all their adventures. Check out their latest vlog.

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Students TU Delft won several prizes in Boston with bio-lenses

Students from the TU Delft have won several prizes on Monday 31st of October at the International Genetically...

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DHL helps explore future of transport with delivery of Delft Hyperloop

DHL, the world leader in express and logistics, is providing support for a groundbreaking project that is exploring the...

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D:DREAM Hall opens the usage of the CNC machine

Thursday October 13th the official usage of the advanced CNC machine (Maple ME-850) will take place. The D:DREAM Hall...

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Hyperloop will be able to test their human-scale p...Continue


Wil WASUB break the world record this year? The 25...Continue


Guided tours

Guided tours are every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 11.00 and 14.00. Please contact rondleiding.ddream@remove-this.tudelft.nl at least two weeks before to discuss the details. It is possible to visit with a group of maximal 50 persons.

A standard guided tour takes one hour to 75 minutes, where we visit four different teams. Each team member will give an explanation and answer questions about their project. When contacting you can note which specific teams you would like to visit, we will try to keep this into account.

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